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Exploring The Botanical Garden of Lucca

Stepping into The Botanical Garden of Lucca, one is immediately transported to a world of green serenity and historical charm. Known locally as the Orto Botanico Comunale di Lucca, this lush haven offers an enticing glimpse into the botanical wonders of the region.

A Stroll Back in Time 

The garden’s roots trace back to Maria Luisa of Bourbon, Duchess of Lucca. Under her guidance in the early 19th century, this green treasure was cultivated, and it has since flourished as a testament to her vision.

A Tapestry of Flora

One cannot help but marvel at the diverse range of trees and plants sheltered within. From towering cypress trees that whisper tales of yesteryears to aromatic medicinal plants that heal, the collection is both vast and varied. Cactus lovers, too, find their paradise here, with an assortment of prickly wonders on display.

The Pond’s Mystique

Anchoring the garden’s allure is the serene pond located near the wall. It mirrors the sky and the verdant surroundings, but the true stars here are the terrapins. Watch them bask lazily on sun-drenched stones or glide effortlessly in the clear water, adding to the garden’s tranquillity.

Finding Your Way In

For those keen on embarking on this botanical journey, the entrance is strategically located halfway up the pathway leading to the city’s iconic wall. An entry fee of 6€ grants you passage. However, if you’re looking to delve deeper into Lucca’s heritage, a combo ticket is available, covering visits to either the Torre del’Ore or the Guinigi Tower.

Things To Do In Lucca

While the botanical garden offers respite and wonder, Lucca’s charm doesn’t end there. The city beckons with myriad experiences, from scaling ancient towers to indulging in local cuisine. Don’t forget to explore other remarkable sights and create memories that last a lifetime.


Is it worth visiting?

Absolutely! The Botanical Garden of Lucca is a harmonious blend of history and nature, making it a must-visit for both plant enthusiasts and history buffs.

How long should I plan to stay?

Around 1 to 2 hours is ample time to leisurely explore the garden and immerse yourself in its beauty.

Is it child-friendly?

Yes, children will delight in the open spaces, pond life, and the chance to spot terrapins. However, it’s advisable to supervise them near water areas.

Are there guided tours available?

Guided tours are offered occasionally, especially during peak tourist seasons. It’s best to contact the garden’s administration in advance for scheduling.

Is the garden accessible for wheelchairs or strollers?

Yes, the pathways are well-maintained and mostly flat, allowing easy access for wheelchairs and strollers.


To plan your trip and for more details on things to do in Lucca, visit the city’s official tourism website. For avid garden lovers seeking similar experiences worldwide, check out this curated list of top botanical gardens.

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