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Climbing The Guinigi Tower, Lucca

Introduction to Torre Guinigi, Lucca’s Pride

Lucca, a Tuscan gem, houses many towers that testify to its rich past. However, among all, the Guinigi Tower stands tall, both literally and figuratively. Not only does it dominate the city’s skyline, but its uniqueness and historical significance make it the primary attraction for visitors from across the globe.

A Glimpse into the Tower’s Past

The Guinigi Tower is more than just a beautiful structure. It is a symbol of Lucca’s glorious past. Named after the Guinigi family, power players in Lucca for a staggering five centuries until the 1800s, the tower has seen epochs unfold beneath its shade. While there are other towers in Lucca, like the Torre dell’Ore, the Guinigi Tower remains the most visited.

Constructed with bricks and stones, its robustness is a testament to the craftsmanship of the artisans of yore. Climbing this tower, one not only ascends its physical structure but also travels through time, reliving the moments that shaped the city’s history.

Trees in the Sky and The Journey Upwards

What sets the Guinigi Tower apart from the rest is its unique crown: the seven oak trees planted on its terrace. A rarity in tower architecture, these trees, standing tall against the azure Italian sky, are a symbol of rebirth and renewal.

The journey to the top, while rewarding, requires some effort. With 230 steps to conquer, every twist and turn brings forth a new perspective of Lucca. As one reaches the summit, the panoramic views of red rooftops, narrow alleys, and distant hills are simply breathtaking. The effort of the climb melts away, replaced by awe and admiration.

Pricing and Ticket Information

Visiting this iconic tower is priced reasonably at 5€. For enthusiasts keen on exploring more, there’s a combo ticket available that allows access to Torre dell’Ore or the Orto Botanico, providing a wholesome experience of Lucca’s historical wonders.


How many steps are there in Guinigi Tower?

There are 230 steps to the top.

What is the tower in Lucca with trees on top?

The Guinigi Tower is the one adorned with seven oak trees.

Which is the best tower to climb in Lucca?

The Guinigi Tower remains the most popular and provides breathtaking views of the city.

What is the history of the Guinigi Tower?

It was named after the Guinigi family, influential figures in Lucca for five centuries until the 1800s.

How much are tickets?

Tickets are priced at 5€, with a combo option available.

Do you need to book in advance?

Booking in advance is not mandatory. However, one might have to wait due to limited space.

A Parting Thought

Lucca, with its narrow streets and historical edifices, has many tales to tell. But the Guinigi Tower, with its skyward oaks and ancient bricks, perhaps whispers the loudest of them all. A visit to Lucca without scaling its steps would be, in many ways, incomplete. Discover more things to do in Lucca.

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