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How to get from Lucca to Florence

Navigating the scenic routes of Tuscany can be a joy, and travelling from Lucca to Florence is no exception. There are a few ways to make this journey, each offering its own set of advantages. Let's delve into the most…

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Exploring The Botanical Garden of Lucca

Stepping into The Botanical Garden of Lucca, one is immediately transported to a world of green serenity and historical charm. Known locally as the Orto Botanico Comunale di Lucca, this lush haven offers an enticing glimpse into the botanical wonders…

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Climbing The Guinigi Tower, Lucca

Introduction to Torre Guinigi, Lucca's Pride Lucca, a Tuscan gem, houses many towers that testify to its rich past. However, among all, the Guinigi Tower stands tall, both literally and figuratively. Not only does it dominate the city's skyline, but…

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10 Things To Do In Lucca Italy

Lucca, the walled city nestled in Tuscany, offers an array of unforgettable experiences for travellers. Whether you’re a history buff, nature lover, or a foodie, this city has something special for you. Walk or Cycle The Lucca Walls Lucca's walled…

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Exploring The Walls Of Lucca

Discover the renaissance walls that have stood the test of time, beckoning travellers from all over the world to explore Lucca's rich history and stunning vistas. The Fascinating Journey Around Lucca's Walls Rent Bikes and Ride Around the City Walls…

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How To Get From Pisa Airport to Lucca

Lucca, a stunning Italian city with rich history, is conveniently accessible from Pisa Airport. Here's a guide on how to easily make this journey either by train or bus. Pisa Airport to Lucca by Train: A Quick and Convenient Route…

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