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How To Get From Pisa Airport to Lucca

Lucca, a stunning Italian city with rich history, is conveniently accessible from Pisa Airport. Here’s a guide on how to easily make this journey either by train or bus.

Pisa Airport to Lucca by Train: A Quick and Convenient Route

Travelling by train is arguably the quickest and most convenient method to get from Pisa Airport to Lucca. Start by taking the Pisamover, an automated people mover, from the airport to Pisa Centrale station. This short journey ensures you reach the main station in no time.

Once at Pisa Centrale, board a train heading to Lucca. These trains run frequently, and the journey is swift, making it a hassle-free travel option.

Scenic Bus Journey: A Route Laden with Views

For those keen on soaking in more of the region’s beauty, taking the bus is a delightful choice. Not only does this route provide picturesque views, but it also passes near the iconic Piazza dei Miracoli.

If you find yourself near the Piazza, hop on the bus to Lucca from the stop near McDonald’s. Conveniently, tickets are available at the tobacco shop just across the road. The journey from this point lasts approximately 45-60 minutes with about 20 stops, offering a deeper dive into the local landscape and culture.

Once in Lucca, the bus concludes its journey at the central bus station, placing you right in the heart of this enchanting city.


How long is the train journey from Pisa to Lucca?

The train journey typically takes around 30 minutes, depending on the service you choose.

What is the taxi cost from Pisa to Lucca?

Taxi fares can vary, but it’s generally around €50-€70.

How far is Lucca from Pisa?

The distance between Pisa and Lucca is approximately 20km.

Are there direct buses from Pisa Airport to Lucca?

Yes, buses operate directly from Pisa Airport to Lucca. For detailed schedules, consult the Pisa Airport to Lucca bus timetable.

What is the train timetable from Pisa to Lucca?

Train times can vary, but there are frequent services throughout the day. Always check the Pisa to Lucca train timetable for the latest schedules.


In conclusion, whether by train or bus, reaching Lucca from Pisa Airport is straightforward. Once you arrive, there’s a plethora of things to do in Lucca, from exploring historic sites to savouring authentic Tuscan cuisine. And if you’re pondering where to stay in Lucca, the city boasts a range of accommodations to fit every traveller’s need. No matter your travel style, Lucca promises a memorable experience. Safe travels!


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