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Top Things to Do in Portofino: Your Ultimate Travel Guide

Introduction: The Allure of Portofino

Portofino, a quaint yet luxurious fishing village on Italy’s Ligurian coast, is an epitome of Mediterranean charm. With its azure waters, lush greenery, and high-end amenities, Portofino is a place that promises more than just stunning photographs. In this extensive guide, we’ll walk you through the myriad of activities and sites that make Portofino a must-visit destination.

The Journey to Portofino

Firstly, let’s discuss how to get to this slice of paradise. Genoa is the nearest international airport. From there, a train to Santa Margherita Ligure followed by a quick bus or ferry ride will get you to Portofino. For a step-by-step guide on transportation, look at our detailed article on reaching Portofino.

Wandering the Piazzetta

The Epicentre of Culture

The Piazzetta, or small square, is Portofino’s social hub. Visitors can experience local life, such as fishermen hauling in their daily catch or artists sketching the vivid landscape. Sit in one of the café terraces and enjoy an espresso as you watch the world go by.

The Mystical Brown Castle

A Legacy on the Hill

The Castello Brown is not just a castle; it’s a cultural time capsule. It hosts art exhibitions and historical displays throughout the year. Interestingly, the terraced gardens surrounding the castle offer a variety of flora, including some exotic species.

Water Activities: More Than Just a Swim

A Range of Aquatic Adventures

Portofino’s underwater world is a diver’s paradise. The standout attraction is the Christ of the Abyss, a bronze statue submerged at a depth of 17 meters. Besides diving, sailing excursions are a popular choice. These usually include stops in secluded coves, ideal for a more private swim.

Portofino Natural Park: The Green Oasis

Where Land Meets Sea

The Portofino Natural Park is an underrated gem. Here, you can hike through trails that offer panoramic vistas of the village and the Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, the park is home to a variety of wildlife, from falcons to foxes, making it perfect for nature enthusiasts.

Culinary Journeys in Portofino

A Feast for the Palate

Italian cuisine in Portofino takes on a distinct maritime flair. Specialties include “Fritto Misto,” a medley of fried seafood, and “Trenette al Pesto,” a Ligurian pasta dish. Local wines and fresh-made focaccia bread round out most meals.

How To Spend A Day In Portofino

Absolutely, it’s possible to experience the essence of Portofino in a single day, albeit in a condensed manner. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Morning: Arrival and the Piazzetta

Upon arriving, make your way to the Piazzetta. Grab an espresso or a cappuccino from one of the cafés to kickstart your day. Take a moment to soak in the lively atmosphere and admire the boats bobbing in the harbour.

Mid-Morning: Brown Castle

Next, head to Castello Brown. The walk uphill offers gorgeous views and the castle itself is a snapshot of local history. Spend an hour or so here, exploring the castle and its gardens.

Afternoon: Water Activities or Natural Park

Depending on your preference, you can either engage in water activities like snorkeling or take a hike in the Portofino Natural Park. Both options offer a different but equally stunning perspective of the area.

Late Afternoon: Culinary Experience

By now you’ll likely be hungry, so indulge in a late lunch at a seaside restaurant. This is your chance to try local specialties like “Fritto Misto” or “Trenette al Pesto.”

Evening: Souvenir Shopping and Departure

Before leaving, stroll around the village shops for souvenirs or simply enjoy a gelato as you say your goodbyes to this charming village.

Though a day trip won’t capture all the nuances of Portofino, it will give you a delightful sampler of what this Italian Riviera gem has to offer. If your schedule permits, staying longer would allow you to delve deeper into the myriad of experiences available. For those considering a day trip, our guide on how to get to Portofino will provide the transportation information you’ll need.

A day trip to Portofino may be short, but it can be incredibly fulfilling if planned well. Every moment spent here offers a blend of natural beauty and cultural richness that will surely leave a lasting impression.


Q: What’s the recommended duration for a visit to Portofino?
A: The time you spend in Portofino depends on what you want to do. For a brief but enriching experience, 1–2 days should suffice. However, if you wish to explore more leisurely and partake in multiple activities, consider staying for 3–4 days or even a week.

Q: Where should I stay while visiting Portofino?
A: Portofino offers a variety of accommodation options, from luxury hotels like Belmond Hotel Splendido to boutique establishments. On the other hand, if you’re seeking budget-friendly options, consider staying in nearby Santa Margherita Ligure. Hotels here are generally less expensive and it’s only a short journey to Portofino.

Q: How do I go about booking boat tours?
A: You can book boat tours from the local marina. Options range from short trips to full-day excursions.

Q: What are the must-try foods?
A: Don’t leave without trying Focaccia di Recco, a cheese-filled flatbread, and of course, local seafood.

Q: Are English-speaking guides available for hiking?
A: Yes, many tour operators offer English-speaking guides for hiking adventures.

Conclusion: Portofino Unveiled

Portofino effortlessly mixes natural beauty with cultural richness. From sipping espresso at the Piazzetta to diving into the depths of the Ligurian Sea, this Italian village offers an array of activities. Add in the culinary delights and scenic trails, and you have the formula for an unforgettable holiday. Don’t just dream about it—experience it for yourself. Plan your trip today with our handy guide on how to get to Portofino.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a food lover, or someone seeking peace in nature, Portofino has something for everyone. Make your dream vacation a reality today.

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